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The J.M. Burguières Family Assembly

Welcome to our family!

Originally envisioned by young leaders within the family business, The J. M. Burguières Co., Limited, the J. M. Burguières Family Assembly is comprised largely of direct descendants, or heirs, of Jules M. Burguières, Senior.

Membership includes all members of a shareholder’s extended family, including spouses, children, families of children of shareholders and family members and their spouses who are former shareholders and are at least 15 years of age. The J. M. Burguières Family Assembly is affiliated with and supported by the family business, The J. M. Burguières Co., Limited, a land-holding company founded by Jules Martial Burguières, Sr. in 1877.

Our purpose is to strengthen relationships among the members of the family's various branches by sharing information between them. We seek to educate future generations about their heritage and their connection with the business by encouraging their participation in family and business activities. In the process, of course, we also hope to have fun

Come, journey with us through these pages. Explore our ancestry, learn about our current family leaders, uncover ways to get involved, and delight in our family news, events, and photos. Turn the page and let the adventure begin!




JMB Sketch Home

Above, top to bottom:

1. Pocket watch holds portrait of Jules M. Burguières, Sr.

Posing for their portraits are:
2. Inez E. Burguières and
3. Denis P. J. Burguières with his wife, Alice Broussard Burguières, and one of their eight children.


A map from 1904 shows the Louisiana properties owned by The J. M. Burguières Co., Limited.

Sketch on journal:

The sugar mill once stood mightily across the bayou from the Cypremort Plantation homes.